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25 March 2004

A name for a place

When I was acquiring this little piece of subheaven, I dubbed it "Shangri-Chaz," a name that had little to recommend it other than its singular lack of euphony. But with spring in the air, the foliage coming in lovelier than I deserve, and my moods blacker than usual, I stumbled across a name which fits so well it's no wonder I didn't think of it then.

Hereinafter, my quarter-acre of God's green earth, not all of it equally green, will be known as:


At some point, I will commission a sign for the house.

(The "In City Dreams" category has been renamed accordingly.)

Posted at 8:16 PM to Surlywood

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Call it juvenile humor but I always wanted to name my estate Morningwood. Even the pun aside, I just like the name.

Posted by: Patrick at 7:41 AM on 26 March 2004