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20 April 2004

Before the ice cream gives out

This being the second-busiest day in the site's history — thank you, Professor — I figured the least I could do was squeeze off one last post for the day.

Andrew Holleran, in the May Out, on the sexuality, or lack thereof, of Henry James:

Some of the most intense erotic feelings in life exist not in the sex we've had but the sex we didn't have with certain people. Yet the idea that James remained celibate till his death seems to call for pity or condescension from many quarters, as if the very thing James lamented about his native land — its Anglo-Irish puritanism — had defeated him too. As if this puritanism led to a more limited vision of life and a lesser art than, say, Proust.

Some people may believe that a (probably mythical) completely free and unfettered life, lived without regard for societal norms, is the wellspring from which the greatest creativity flows. I don't. Pushing the envelope is one thing; ripping it to shreds is quite another.

Then again, bending the page once in a while can be amusing. In the magazine's summer travel edition, the Washington, DC Convention and Tourism Corporation makes a pitch for gay visitors with the following tag: "Honoring a guy who wore powdered wigs and tight pants."

Well, I thought it was funny.

Not funny, on the other hand, was the guy in New Haven who left a U-Haul van parked across an intersection from the local FBI headquarters yesterday, on the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing. Matters were not helped when a dog trained to sniff for explosives somehow came up with a false positive.

For the two or three of you (of 1250 so far) who might just come back again, thank you.

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1250? Holy shite, I didn't know Instalanches were that big.

Posted by: Skip at 10:50 PM on 20 April 2004

As Instalanches go, this was fairly small, although it's far from the smallest on record (53, also received here).

Yesterday's total was 1499, versus a Tuesday average of about 675. And at least some of the overage (60 or so) came from Eric Scheie's Classical Values, which linked to the same item.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:19 AM on 21 April 2004

Based on my own experience with Instalanches, the less detail in the Professor's link, the larger the 'lanche. The link to Charles' post should have been maybe five words shorter.

Posted by: McGehee at 11:13 AM on 21 April 2004

"Heh. Indeed." is worth, so they say, about eight thousand.

Posted by: CGHill at 11:18 AM on 21 April 2004