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1 October 2004

Meanwhile at the debate shop

In 1960, radio listeners thought that Richard M. Nixon had won his debate with John F. Kennedy; the television audience, however, came down firmly on JFK's side. With this in mind, I left the TV off last night and listened to the debate on the radio.

Like most of blogdom, I didn't see hear a clear winner. Senator Kerry, I thought, did manage to turn the Smug knob down a notch or two, which surely helped. Neither candidate was operating at maximum eloquence level, though the President seemed to improve as time went on. And my mind wasn't changed: despite some serious fumbles along the way so far, I still prefer the Bush doctrine of preemption over Kerry's let's-not-make-anyone-mad approach. To swipe a line from Dave at Garfield Ridge: "One man spoke gibberish, but has a clear stance. The other man spoke clearly, but his stance is gibberish."

There is, of course, a lot more gibbering to come.

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The Commissar e-mails to say "Kerry on points, but he needed a knockout." RLS agrees: "Kerry has drawn no blood tonight and he is the one who had to." More to come as people weigh in. If you want your......[read more]

Explain then why every single poll online is showing Kerry the clear winner of the debate and by large margins at that?

Posted by: ms7168 at 10:25 AM on 1 October 2004

The CNN/USAToday/Gallup Poll at says that Kerrys wins. However, . . .

"By narrow margins Bush came out better on believability, likability and toughness.

But there was virtually no change among those polled on which candidate would handle Iraq better or make a better commander in chief, with Bush maintaining a double-digit advantage on both issues."


Posted by: Dull at 10:45 AM on 1 October 2004

I can't explain anyone's reaction to the debate except my own. I suspect that Kerry came off better on television than he usually does; I did note that he'd managed to shake off his usual mode of condescension. Remember, I listened to the radio rather than watch the tube.

So it came down to the Debater versus the Poker Player, and if you've ever watched TV coverage of a poker game, it should be no surprise that Kerry looked good. And the real question — did he win over any voters? — still isn't answered definitively no matter how many people say he won the debate; Kerry isn't picking up much of a bounce so far.

Posted by: CGHill at 10:54 AM on 1 October 2004

Ms, it couldn't be because the DNC put out a global action briefing right before the debate with links to those online polls, could it?

Besides, what does an online poll matter?

Posted by: Dan at 1:08 PM on 1 October 2004