The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

5 January 2005

Fame and/or fortune

At The Glittering Eye, the "really neat thing" is:

[A] small-fry like me who's only been in operation for about eight months probably gets as much traffic as Glenn [Reynolds] did after his first eight months of operation. That's certainly more than I expected to get when I started out. As far as traffic goes I've already achieved the small goals I set for myself when I began.

Which sounds really neat even to us frustrated damned-to-the-D-list types.

Then there's this:

Blogs are the perfect Horatio Alger universe. If you have the ability and you work hard enough you can achieve your heart's desire.

But there's one more component, which Alger always mentions but which none of the folks who invoke his name ever seem to remember: luck. (There's a whole series of Alger novels under the umbrella title Luck and Pluck.) Keeping your nose to the grindstone is admirable enough, but in an Alger universe, unless the Fates lend a hand, all you're likely to wind up with is a very sharp nose.

[Insert Ragged Dick joke here.]

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