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9 January 2005

Your turn

It occurs to me that despite some of the highest levels of thread drift this side of Usenet, there's never been an actual open-comment thread here.

There is now, and you're soaking in it. I request only that you try to avoid embarrassing yourself (or, well, me), and any truly heinous comments will be expunged with great vigor.

Posted at 8:33 AM to Blogorrhea

I have a headache.

Posted by: Donna at 9:55 AM on 9 January 2005

Ooh, the power! Since I have hardly written anything on my blog of late, I doubt I can place anything significant here.

Let's see, I'm sick, sick, sick of being sick. Allergies, sinus infections, gut problems. They suck.

Meh. I got nothin'

Posted by: Dan at 10:18 AM on 9 January 2005

I've had a sinus headache for two straight weeks. My son refuses to do his homework. My daugher won't get out of bed.

But that's not going to stop me. I have a book to finish reading and a game to finish playing.

/got nuthin'

Posted by: michele at 10:38 AM on 9 January 2005

...avoid embarrassing yourself...

Well, that leaves me out...

Posted by: McGehee at 12:25 PM on 9 January 2005

I'm sorry about your headache, Donna. I take it it's not a migraine, otherwise you would have said so. I hope it's not, anyway. Hope you feel better soon, and Michele and Dan too.

I think I am finally getting what everyone else has gotten, so I will probably be home from work tomorrow. I'm all right just now--a little woozy and congested--but congested sinuses woke me up a couple of times during the night.

Posted by: Dawn at 2:37 PM on 9 January 2005