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20 March 2005


R. Alex has a new cell phone. There's just one problem:

I don't know how to turn it on.

There is no "on" button.

What kind of cell phone... scratch that, what kind of anything electronic does not have an "on" button?

Well, there's my Olympus Digital Voice Recorder, which apparently is always on. Per the instructions:

If the recorder is stopped or paused for 60 minutes or longer during recording or playing, it goes into Standby (power-save) mode, and the display shuts off. To exit Standby mode and turn on the display, press any button.

In six months and about two hours of recording, it has yet to run down its first set of AAA batteries, so it must be saving some serious power.

Posted at 3:29 PM to Dyssynergy

I understand where he's coming from, about what kind of "anything" doesn't have an on/off button, because it took me three days to figure out how to turn mine on too.

Who would've thought that you have to push the key with a line through a phone to turn it ON??

Posted by: Vickie at 4:25 PM on 20 March 2005

The power switch for mine is unmarked, and on top of the unit if it's held vertically; the little leather case I bought for the phone, to give it a means to hang on a belt, covers almost the entire switch. (A factory accessory, yet.)

Still, it's not something you (I, anyway) can hit by mistake, which is probably a good thing.

Posted by: CGHill at 4:40 PM on 20 March 2005

Hmm. My Motorola phone has a button marked PWR in the lower left of the keypad. Obviously, this phone is too primitive to be of any use.

Posted by: McGehee at 7:15 AM on 21 March 2005