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17 April 2005

Wilson mode: ON

If I'm working in the front yard, neighbors will usually say hello, and I'll occasionally get a wave from people walking through the area, which is a definite change from the days in the old CrappiFlat™, where people kept to themselves if they possibly could.

In the back yard, I'm not generally visible, and there's a fence surrounding the area that's as tall as I am, further shrouding the premises, so no one acknowledges my presence out back, and given my particular predilections, this is probably a Good Thing.

Then today: "Hello!"

I figured it probably wasn't for me anyway, and ignored it.

On the third "Hello!" I dragged myself over to the fence, and there was your basic Sweet Little Old Lady, apparently a dweller in the apartments on the adjacent block. Given the topography of the area, which slopes down from the west side of my house, she was basically staring me in the navel, or could have been had it not been for the fence and the trees on its far side.

And it was a tree she wanted to talk about. "This apricot tree hangs over on your side," she said.

I pointed out that I kept the more blatant intrusions trimmed back, and had in fact pruned a few branches this morning. "It's not time yet, but when they're ripe, would you mind terribly if I gathered them from your yard?"

"It didn't produce much of anything last year," I noted.

She apparently remembered the previous owners, didn't recognize me, and figured that she'd renew an existing arrangement. Which was fine with me. "Just come around to the gate." No harm done; I wasn't planning to pick them, and I was happy not to have provoked a discussion of my attire.

And then: "You're working on getting a tan?"

Um, yes, I was. "It's good for me."

Apparently it was good enough for her, too. "Thank you." And she disappeared into the mysterious wilderness next door.

Maybe I won't trim too narrowly this year, although any branches that protrude through the fence are going to be gone the moment I see them.

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At least she asked. Our neighbor comes into our backyard to pick pecans off the ground that have fallen from our tree.

Hey, how goes that tan? (I'd give a whistle if I could)

Posted by: Babs at 3:51 PM on 17 April 2005

I figure there are worse things to happen to someone than having a little old lady picking fruit off the ground.

While I am in no wise whistleworthy, I'm not the usual Whiter Shade of Pale either.

Posted by: CGHill at 4:04 PM on 17 April 2005