The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

19 May 2005

Changes afoot

I was briefly entertaining the idea of calling in someone with landscape experience to reshape the western side of the lot, which has a rather ragged slope and all manner of bare spots.

It's probably a good thing that I didn't, since Oklahoma City is replacing a sewer line that runs parallel to the fenceline, and they'll do quite a lot of reshaping themselves, though not necessarily the sort I might actually want. They left a note on the door yesterday afternoon explaining in the vaguest possible terms just what it is they're doing.

As always with easements, it's a mixed blessing:

Upside: Presumably an end to the sporadic hydrogen-sulfide stench in the front yard near the regular access point; about five percent less back yard to mow.

Downside: Trees are coming down, and so is the fence (a temporary chain-link fence is already in place); no discernible privacy for the rest of the summer; no access through the gate.

More as things begin to happen.

Posted at 6:31 AM to Surlywood

my sympathies.

those guys camped out in my yard a few years ago. we're not on speaking terms.

Posted by: Jan at 2:13 PM on 19 May 2005