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22 May 2005

Surreality check

Donna goes to a Dali exhibition, and it's so, so serious:

When I think of Dali, I think of a man who had a sense of humor. This was not in evidence in the audio tour or any of the written pieces within the exhibition. It was simply surreal how seriously they handled his surrealism. "In this piece, the young poet is depicted with a lobster on his head, which offers us Freudian insight into Dali's own juxtapositioning of...." C'mon guys, there's a freakin' lobster on this kid's head... now that is FUNNY!

Of course he had a sense of humor. This is a man who once did an advertisement for a hosiery company featuring a dandelion with nice legs.

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And if that's not ample evidence of his humor, take a gander at his mainstream magazine cover work: TV Guide and Vogue.

Not funny enough? Then come on over to my town; I'll take you to the Dali Museum and do a running joke monologue throughout the entire visit. :)

Posted by: CT at 3:40 PM on 22 May 2005