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23 May 2005

Hey, read this, will you?

I don't get that many emails from people wanting to call attention to their latest and greatest blog posts, largely because I don't get that much traffic in the first place — currently around 6000 a week, which sounds impressive only if you're getting 600 or 60 or, God forbid, 6 — and I can't imagine someone lying awake at night hoping against hope for an actual, um, Dustalanche.

I do read the ones I get, though, and I probably wind up linking the majority of them, if only because each one I do link is one less item I have to come up with on my own. (And you thought I was prolific! Ha!)

I'm pretty sure, though, I won't get one from Lana at live from the guillotine:

I cannot bring myself to do this. It feels too much like bragging or begging and I do neither. I've emailed exactly two people with a post. The first time it was a solicited type thing, as in email a funny story which tops this, and of course I couldn't resist. The second was an issue I really wanted to address and I emailed it to several people who had more influence than I did so that I could get the message out. That seems modest enough to me; 2 years of blogging and 2 emailed posts.

I think I've sent out five or six myself since the discovery of fire, two of which actually went to the Blogfather himself. (I still wince at this term, since I started before he did; nonetheless, I know my place in the pecking order.) Once or twice I started to write an official Policy on Emailed Links, but I decided it was more trouble than it was worth, and I continue to think so.

Posted at 6:33 AM to Blogorrhea

You're my second biggest real referrer -- I'm not counting the T*x*s h*ld*m referral spam -- and I'm grateful for every Dustalanche I get. A link from Dustbury is the gift that keeps on giving -- this month about a third of my traffic coming from is from an entry in your archives.

Posted by: Michael Bates at 8:02 AM on 23 May 2005

Michael Williams's "Blog It Forward" idea comes to mind. Perhaps we should do it more often. (Not that I'm anyone's biggest referrer, either. I come in behind the 419 scammers.)

Posted by: Francis W. Porretto at 11:07 AM on 23 May 2005

Do whatcha like, but it's never occurred to me to directly email a postlink to anyone else, for the express purpose of generating blog-buzz. And frankly, I don't feel any more comfortable acting on any such emails sent to me. Just not my thing.

On the other hand, I'm a big advocate of linking back to yourself in others' comments (when it's germane, of course).

Posted by: CT at 8:02 PM on 23 May 2005

*Dustalanche* Thanks....:)

I'll be sending daily emails highlighting my brillance from here on out! *lol* Did you get the one about my breaking my toe yet? Just checking.

Posted by: Lana at 7:17 PM on 24 May 2005