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13 June 2005

And away it goes

Last month I wrote about a new semi-risqué calendar intended to draw attention to the growing pension crisis, or something like that.

I have now received a copy of said calendar, and here's the explanation on the back:

Will your pension/retirement fund be there for you when you need it? Our mission is to create a national awareness to the naked truth that no retirement fund is completely secure and that there is a definite crisis in the pension guaranty system. Make certain that your retirement plan is not sitting on a time bomb. Take an active role in your future and start now to plan for your retirement years. You can never start too soon.

And from whom are you getting this worthwhile advice?

We are retired and active flight attendants who began our flying careers in the 1960s and early 1970s when we were called "Stewardesses" or "Stews". We are single, we are married, we have children in college, and one of us is a grandmother. We have enjoyed the very best of times and we have experienced the worst of times in the airline industry. Presently, we are facing the frightening probability that our "guaranteed" pension will be terminated. To all who believe that their pension is safe and secure, we hope our message gives you a wakeup call.

Nor does it hurt that they are, um, scantily clad on the twelve pages of this 2006 calendar. These aren't your airbrushed beauties from your lad mags, and some of them have rolled up quite a few miles, but what the hell; at least it makes more sense than bicycling nude to protest oil consumption, which strikes me as downright painful.

You can order this for yourself at It's $14.95 plus a buck and a quarter for shipping, and they're definitely undercharging for the shipping: mine came Priority Mail, which runs $3.85 or so.

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