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19 June 2005

Just like pop

With a title like Global Web-Marketing & E-Business Information Magazine, you know that it's one of those startups where getting from "Brilliant Idea" to "Profit" somehow doesn't have a solid step 2.

And you'd be wrong, although they don't tell you this up front. Down one directory level, there's Google Will Eat Itself, which reveals that the reason Global Web-Whatever carries Google text ads is to obtain funds to purchase shares in Google.

If I remember correctly, this scheme was last attemped by the late William M. Gaines, founder of Mad, who announced it after the takeover of National Periodical Publications/DC Comics (then his corporate parent) by Kinney National Services, later to become Warner Communications. It went something like this:

The Mad companies are now wholly owned by Kinney, and are slowly acquiring Kinney stock. Our goal is to acquire all of the Kinney stock, so that while Kinney will own Mad, Mad will also own Kinney.

Which, Gaines noted, would cut down the staff meetings considerably.

(Based on this AdLand post.)

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