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26 June 2005

Get looked @

Look@OKC, the Hip or Die section of, is looking for a few good bloggers.

No, really. Here's the pitch:

Look@OKC is looking for young adults in the Oklahoma City metro area to become trusted bloggers for the community.

We want sports bloggers, local music bloggers, movie bloggers, television bloggers, video game bloggers, night club bloggers, single bloggers, married bloggers, dating bloggers, exercise bloggers, job bloggers, shopping bloggers .... The list goes on.

We might even want bloggers who still live with their parents and refuse to find a real job. Could be interesting . . . who knows?

If you have something interesting to say, and have the commitment to say it on a regular basis, then you might have the ability to become a Look@OKC blogger.

It can't hurt, can it?

Not being a "young" adult, except in comparison to the likes of Methuselah, I don't qualify for this sort of thing, but I'm willing to bet I have a couple of readers who might be interested. If you are, go here and apply.

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According to Seattle blogger "Pops" ( the Seattle Post-Intelligencer tried the same thing about a year or so ago. No one over 30 needed to apply.

I don't know how that worked out.

Posted by: The Prop at 8:48 AM on 26 June 2005

I must've missed that! Although I did get an email today (unfortunately it was sent two weeks ago into an email account I forget to check) from a gal at the Daily Oklahoman who wanted to set up a little interview...

I probably missed my chance at fame. *sigh* Story of my life. :)
I was hoping to get on TV like you.
Okay, not really, because the camera adds 10 lbs and quite frankly I just can't afford that.

Posted by: aka_monty at 7:27 PM on 26 June 2005

Can I get away with claiming I had nine cameras on me at the time?

Posted by: CGHill at 7:34 PM on 26 June 2005

LOL! Nah, you looked great. :) All erudite & stuff.

Posted by: aka_monty at 9:20 PM on 26 June 2005

being as erudite as you are, you ought to show up for this, after all some percentage of younger folk are refined. i imagine a good time will be had by all. you could even wear a mask to protect your secret identity ...

Posted by: rammer at 10:55 PM on 26 June 2005

Yep -- if they were smart, they'd put you on the payroll, Charles...

Posted by: david at 9:14 AM on 27 June 2005

Of course, what I want to know is if the Look@OKC bloggage will appear, however delayed, in the hard-copy tab to be distributed weekly.

Posted by: CGHill at 10:14 AM on 27 June 2005