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27 June 2005

Hardware fasteners as metaphor

"Blogs unbolt door into writer's world" is the title on this Oklahoman article, and maybe it's true to some extent, but I would be remiss if I didn't point out that some of us, far from being unbolted, are perilously close to coming unscrewed.

On the other hand, the reporter did ask good questions, and good answers were generally forthcoming, occasionally even from me, though I wince just slightly at this:

Whether written or digital, journals are a representation of the author. And when the author looks back on past entries, they learn more about themselves.

That is, of course, the editorial "they."

(Tipped off by Dan Lovejoy.)

Posted at 3:30 PM to Blogorrhea

I've been screwed many times, but can't remember being "unscrewed". Wonder what that feels like...

Didn't read article cause it wanted me to give email addr and login. Hate it when they do that! But have read several articles by unknowing, unblogging, and yes, perhaps unscrewed reporters. Mostly they seem to miss the point entirely. The local media had a field day recently reporting the Blog Nashville event - all quite laughable, all quite wrong.

Posted by: Winston at 6:23 AM on 28 June 2005

Down in the nav column on the front page is a logon I keep for just such emergencies; feel free to use it.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:13 AM on 28 June 2005