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31 July 2005

One hand slaps the other

I didn't see it when I was up there last year, but there is now a fancy lighted "Welcome to Great Falls" sign on US 87, which cost around $100,000 to build and landscape.

And which the Montana Department of Transportation hit with a green sticker warning that the sign was unauthorized and would have to be removed unless the proper permits were obtained.

Feathers were ruffled, phone calls made, and anxieties eventually quelled, but geez, it's hard to avoid the impression that someone in Helena needed something to do.

I can't wait to hear Dave's take on this.

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Posted at 2:23 PM to Dyssynergy

I don't know how I missed this -- I'll drive over that way and snap some pix and see if all the hubbub is warranted!

Posted by: david at 6:36 PM on 31 July 2005

The thing that jumped out at me in the newspaper article was, "The lighted welcome sign cost about $100,000, with 86.5 percent coming from a federal Community Transportation Enhancement Program grant..." $86,500.00 in federal tax money for a - sign??? That means every dime of federal income tax I have personally contributed over the years has yet to pay for this single "welcome" sign. Wow.

Posted by: MikeSwi... at 7:38 PM on 31 July 2005

Big deal, huh? It's JUST $86,500.00.......

Posted by: MikeSwi... at 2:52 PM on 1 August 2005