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8 August 2005

And no virgin jokes, either

Top Ten signs that terrorists have infiltrated the blogosphere:

10.  SixApart provides MT 4 for free to all users.

  9.  Dave Winer starts prophesizing that Allah is the one true god, as opposed to himself.

  8.  Slashdot reports that the latest virus hidden in Blogger blogs actually causes computers to explode.

  7.  Andrew Sullivan outs himself as being straight.

  6. tops the Top 100 at Technorati.

  5.  The BlogHer crowd start claiming that women should get out of the blogosphere and back to the kitchen.

  4.  Podcasts are hacked and substituted with morning prayers.

  3.  Jeff Jarvis reports that the latest London bombings are the work of "God's Children against the oppressors of the West."

  2.  BloggerCon becomes Allah Akhbar Con.

And the Number One sign terrorists have infiltrated the blogosphere:

  1.  Arabic comment spam.

(From BlogHerald by way of Fistful of Fortnights.)

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