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13 August 2005

The lights are on

The Metropolitan Library System is installing Wi-Fi hotspots at 12 of its locations in the county. The expense, they reason, will be largely offset by not having to buy so many actual computers in the future. The network will be open to library visitors whether they have a current library card or not, which will simplify matters for travelers.

The same filtration used on MLS' hard-wired machines will be used on the Wi-Fi network. MLS says the service will be rolled out at all twelve locations on Monday at 9 am.

Posted at 7:59 AM to City Scene

Hooray! ... We have a great library system here. It has to be one of the more progressive systems for such a thinly populated (relative to size) state.

I do however expect any day now to have the local flatworlders make us put a disclaimer sticker on all geography books stating that the idea of the world as round is only a theory :)

Posted by: Ron at 10:48 AM on 13 August 2005

As I grow older, I frequent libraries less, but like them just as much as always. One of the great accomplishments of civilization!

Posted by: MikeH at 2:20 PM on 13 August 2005