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21 August 2005

Way down the list

The Glittering Eye looks at the Top 20 in the TTLB Ecosystem, and offers suggestions for becoming one of same:

[B]e a celebrity academic or journalist and start your blog in 2000 or before. Be outrageous. Attract attention. Throw red meat.

I'm good for two out of four, maybe. But then there's this:

Or, better yet, pick another goal. I don't have any ambitions to break into the Top 100 blogs (or even the Top 500). So I won't be disappointed if I donít make it to the top of the Ecosystem. I write in my blog to garner a bigger audience for my ideas, to express and, consequently, improve my ideas, to improve my writing, to sharpen my mental acuity (I can tell you with confidence that blogging has improved my attention span and sharpness), and for the social aspects of blogging — the fellowship.

I'm still trying to figure out what I'm doing here. As for the Top 500, I'm pretty sure I can forget about it; I finally fell out of's Hot 500 after a brief and dizzying stint at #486 or thereabouts.

Meanwhile, as of this writing, I fit into the Eye's graph about this way:

 BlogDate startedLinks Traffic 
993dustbury.comJune 2000 244853Ne'er-do-well

Subject to change, of course. (And yes, this site goes all the way back to 1996, but I am loath to describe its early days as bloglike.)

Posted at 7:43 PM to Blogorrhea

Interesting. I started in 2000, so fall right on the cusp. So where's my damn traffic, already?

Posted by: david at 8:56 PM on 21 August 2005

heh.. I tried to get the ecosystem thingee in my sidebar but it always says "blog not found" when I click it. lol. Guess that shows you how ecologically significant I am.
Wow! 993. Way to go!

Posted by: MeeCiteeWurkor at 10:33 PM on 21 August 2005