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23 September 2005

Sorry but costly

I was reasonably certain I wasn't the only one who ever went through something like this on a new-service installation:

The scheduled date was 26 November [2003], same as the closing on the house. All the phone jacks were dead, so assuming this was a technical problem, I called the repair-service people, who informed me that (1) the business office had failed to complete the transfer and (2) said business office would be closed until Saturday because of the holidays.

Bright and early Saturday morning, I was on the cell phone to the business office, which after ten minutes or so, not counting six or seven minutes on hold, informed me that the previous occupants had called in last week asking that their disconnect order be canceled because — well, just because. I pointed out that this was exceedingly implausible, inasmuch as the previous occupants were using last week to move out, and the closing date had been set more than a month earlier. "Well..." Ernestine Jr. began. "Well, nothing," I said. "They're gone. I live here now."

Back on hold for a few more minutes, and then the Tomlinette told me that she'd consulted with her manager, and that they would process the disconnect order that morning, followed by my connect order, and that each action would take two or three hours, after which time everything would be hunky-dory.

By closing time, of course, nothing had been done, and the next day was Sunday, so they were closed again. I eventually wound up with an automated voice telling me that the service order would be completed Monday "between 8 am and 5 pm", a mere five days late.

Apparently I got off easy:

"We're sorry, but we have determined that DSL service is not available at your new location."

Excuse me?

They have been yanking us around for over a week and now they've suddenly discovered it's not available? After telling us that they had to disconnect our present service so that the new service could be installed? And then telling us that the new service couldn't be installed because the electricity wasn't on at the new house, even though it was?

"This is the way we do things," they explain. "It worked for us in 1915, and there's no reason it shouldn't work for us today."

Can you say "death throes"? Sure. I knew you could.

Posted at 7:49 AM to Dyssynergy

Thanks for the link!

SBC is apparently under the mistaken impression they're still the only game in town. We've been hearing from tons of people who have had similar problems......and who have now switched to cable modems and Vonnage.

Posted by: rita at 8:03 AM on 23 September 2005

Who knew the "people doing dumb things" in those Vonage TV ads, were the phone company?

Posted by: McGehee at 10:21 AM on 23 September 2005