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22 October 2005

Now that was weird

TrackBacks from here to TypePad sites have been wonky of late, so for the previous post, I decided to bypass MT's TB routine and use Wizbang's instead.

This is the response I got:

TrackBack error

Okay, I sent that from my desk, and my Web host is in southern California — but why should that matter to TypePad? Linkers to Basil's Blog (see comments) seem to be experiencing the same phenomenon. For now, I'm guessing it's a spam preventative gone horribly wrong.

Posted at 9:16 AM to Blogorrhea

Oh, it's not just to my site. It's to all TypePad sites. They have identified this as a bug:

Support Ticket: 084866
Support Ticket Details:
Subject: Unable to send TrackBack with 3rd party form
Category: Bug
Status: We're Working On It

They've been "working on it" for over a week. That's why I've been away. I'm packing up the site for moving it to another host. Or hosting it myself.

Posted by: basil at 9:21 AM on 22 October 2005

Just to clarify, it's not a setting I have any control over. It's been implemented by TypePad without my input.

No, I'm not happy about it.

Posted by: basil at 9:24 AM on 22 October 2005