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2 November 2005

What? No peas?

Two perfectly reasonably questions from Syaffolee:

[W]hy call it a podcast when not everyone has an iPod? And why do most amateur podcasts sound like the equivalent of a deer caught in the headlights?

If I ever do one of these — and if I do, Andrea Harris will disown me — I promise not to call it a "podcast." (The horrible-sound problem has been discussed here.)

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Microsoft's been feeling a bit awkward about their corporate bloggers using the term "podcast", and have tried to push "blogcast" as an alternative term (last item). Hasn't really caught on; and for that matter, it's no more accurate, since you don't need a blog to 'cast.

Even though not everyone has an iPod, they're called podcasts for roughly the same reason some people stick refer to "Xeroxing" something.

Posted by: CT at 7:53 PM on 2 November 2005

I went to the store to get a six-pack of orange Coke and a box of store-brand Kleenex.

Posted by: McGehee at 12:16 PM on 3 November 2005