The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

9 November 2005

The Gas Game (intro)

Oklahoma Natural Gas Company offered (enrollment is now closed) a Voluntary Fixed-Price Plan which would freeze the price of gas to be delivered at $8.393 per dekatherm over the next year. I opted not to enroll, on the basis that I didn't think the price would be that high over an entire year: I expected a peak above that right away, but reasoned that it would subside in two or three months, as gasoline prices did and as diesel prices are starting to do. And besides, the price on my October bill was a mere $6.985. (The delivery fee is fixed and not included in these calculations.)

For the next twelve months, I'll calculate how much I've made, or lost, by choosing to reject this option. I start out behind:

  • November: 2.4 used at $11.044; total price $26.51; VFP price $20.14; loss of $6.37.

We'll pick this up again this time next month. For the record, last winter's peak usage was billed in February: I used 10.4 Dth.

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