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16 November 2005

A hard freeze gonna fall

That was the big story from the Weather Guys yesterday: a Hard Freeze. The definition, so far as I can tell, is "28 degrees Fahrenheit or below for several hours," and that's pretty much what we got. What I don't understand is all the ballyhoo: it's hardly unusual to have one of these in November — we've had several in October over the years — and there will be a lot more of them between now and, say, the Ides of March.

The Hard Freeze Warning covered the state south of US 60. It was actually quite a bit colder north of 60, but they didn't get a warning. Reason: they've already had a Hard Freeze this year, on a day when it got down to only 30 here in the middle of the state. Tacit admission, I suggest, that this is more of a tradition than an actual warning.

Posted at 7:45 AM to Weather or Not

30? Peh. The high today will be 39...if we're lucky. Would you like for me to send some snow? I think we'll have 6" to spare.

Posted by: Sheila Rene at 7:49 AM on 16 November 2005

Can you save it until June, when we'll truly appreciate it? :)

Posted by: CGHill at 8:44 AM on 16 November 2005