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16 November 2005

No, you can't keep them

Singer/composer Carolyne Mas also runs a shelter for abandoned and neglected animals, much to the dismay of the local government:

Last year a Realtor in Florida sold us this lovely 5 acre property which had in the past been a boarding and training facility for Whippets. After moving in and believing that we were realizing our dream to help those who cannot help themselves, we sadly found out that the property was not zoned for a kennel. We have a very sick neighbor who has gone around soliciting support against us, and he was eventually able to find people to join him in his cause against us — people who are one-quarter of a mile away. They are the only persons in the area who do not have animals.

On my birthday this year, I had to go to court in response to the zoning violation, and was given until January 1st to comply. My lawyer told me today that he has been talking to the zoning commision, and any request for rezoning will most certainly be turned down. I am suing the Realtor and all other participating parties who lied to us, but if I cannot comply with the strict zoning standards by January 1st, I could go to jail.

I'm not up on the zoning rules of Hudson, Florida, but I have to wonder how that previous facility got a pass from the powers that be.

Suggestions? Give her a call — her number's on the linked page — or write her at

(Addendum, 20 November: This story was picked up by Dawn Eden for her New York Daily News column.)

Posted at 6:42 PM to Dyssynergy

Was the previous owner related to the mayor?

Posted by: McGehee at 8:00 AM on 17 November 2005

I haven't heard that, but there's nothing unusual about that sort of deal, in Florida or elsewhere.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:08 AM on 17 November 2005

What depresses me about the very idea is that it doesn't really outrage me like it used to. Mere nepotistic privilege seems so harmless compared to the unintended consequences of nearly everything enacted to put a stop to it.

Meanwhile, mere nepotistic privilege continues despite all of it...

Posted by: McGehee at 8:06 AM on 18 November 2005

Well, I did what I could, and now this story has apparently been picked up for Dawn Eden's New York Daily News column this weekend.

(Like I could go five posts without mentioning a New York newspaper columnist these days.)

Posted by: CGHill at 9:00 AM on 18 November 2005