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19 November 2005

Fatuous Flashback 8

Why buy a house? Tax advantages? Equity-building? Well, yes, but there's this too:

I've lived for fifteen of the past twenty years in essentially the same set of quasi-suburban flats. It's always been what the demographers call a "racially-mixed" neighborhood, though the mix has shifted slightly over the years: in the 80s, it was about 60 percent white, 40 percent black, while today, it's more like 40-60. The impact of that shift is difficult to quantify, but the difference in terms of Quality of Life, whatever that may mean, is probably inconsequential; most people, regardless of racial background, don't go out of their way to be boorish louts. Just the same, it only takes a handful of boorish louts to make life miserable for everyone else, and it is of course unlawful to discriminate against boorish louts. Were I a proper New Urbanist, I presumably would be expected to embrace lowlifes of this sort as part of life's generous cornucopia of diversity. As a normal person who would like to get some sleep once in a while, I'm going to considerable trouble and prodigious expense to get the hell out of here.

(From Vent #365, 17 November 2003 — nine days before I closed on Surlywood.)

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And I'm going in the opposite direction: viewing rental apartments to move to after I'll sell my townhouse next month.

Privacy is a good thing, but there so many other worries homeowner has.

Posted by: Tatyana at 9:28 AM on 19 November 2005

Which is true, but for me, for now, they're worth the price. Different strokes for different folks, and all that.

(For instance, you'll be happy not to be facing the paint job that I need for the wood trim around the entrance.)

Posted by: CGHill at 10:09 AM on 19 November 2005

Actually, painting is fine by me. And I love beautifying things, after all, it's my profession.

May be this is it: I need to come home after workday and put a lid on professional issues: no roof/plumbing/waterbill/tax increase& trouble; weekend is for engoyment only and not to break my back in the yard.

That and the money issues, of course.

Posted by: Tatyana at 11:00 AM on 19 November 2005