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23 November 2005

Welcome to Dullsville


Edmond has about 80,000 people; if none of them proved to be interesting, that would be interesting in itself, would it not?

(The IP of the searcher traces back to, yes, Edmond. Grade-school essay, maybe? Or just someone bored out of her skull?)

Posted at 9:37 AM to Blogorrhea

Hey, my mom and step-father live there. I find them to be quite interesting.

Posted by: Nixon1971 at 12:44 PM on 23 November 2005

I think she's looking for a date who won't take her to the bowling alley and then to McDonald's for dinner, or whose idea of being spontaneous and original is hitting the Arches first and then renting the Lysol®ed footwear.

Posted by: McGehee at 1:12 PM on 23 November 2005

The real question is: which is less interesting, Edmond or Ardmore?

Posted by: aldahlia at 2:35 PM on 23 November 2005

Chaz, did you look at any of those links? I really liked the one trip advisor. Seems like someone was moving here and wanting to know what it was like and then you had a couple of people saying don't because it was dead, dull and/or lifeless, There were just a bunch of rednecks and hicks. Oh well, goes to show you that some people can't be happy here.

Posted by: anomdragon at 12:31 AM on 24 November 2005

Mr. Hill,

Is Dullsville near Dustbury? Please forgive my questions but you must recall I am rather . . .

Dull N. Boring

Posted by: Dull N. Boring at 12:39 AM on 24 November 2005

Does Shannon Miller still live there? That huge bronze statue of her in the park is interesting, from most angles.

Posted by: Sean Gleeson at 4:40 AM on 24 November 2005

Although as eXtreme sports personalities go, he's fairly subdued, I'd still have to say Mat Hoffman is interesting.

Terkish Payne, after all, how many other Edmondites have interviewed Angelina Jolie?

Posted by: Terkish Payne at 6:54 AM on 24 November 2005

The local craigslist is full of people either bashing or exalting this part of the world: one recurrent theme is someone wanting to get away from the coast because of the expense, and being warned away from here by people who deemed the place insufficiently hip.

According to GeoURL, Dustbury is "near Nichols Hills," which is weird enough in itself.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:17 AM on 24 November 2005

There's a Nichols Hill?!


I am actually related to the Stillwell's that Stillwell is named for. And, the Parker's that Parker Co., Tx, is named for. These Hill Nichols are some sort of name ursurpers, though. No wait, *my branch* is actually the name ursurping one.

Posted by: aldahlia at 4:24 PM on 24 November 2005

Nichols Hills, a two-square-mile enclave within north Oklahoma City (the border starts about a mile and a quarter northeast of me), has 4000 people and a per capita income of $73,000 or so; it's an Old Money town, and it looks it. Dr. G. A. Nichols founded it in 1929, though it wasn't his idea to name it after himself.

Posted by: CGHill at 5:01 PM on 24 November 2005