The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

26 November 2005

One benzene ring to bind them

Regarding that massive petrochemical spill in China's Songhua River, the Interested-Participant asks:

[W]here's the international media on this story? How come no reporters are asking questions about a Chinese cover up of a major environmental disaster? And, while I'm at it, where are the environmental protesters? How come Greenpeace isn't marching in front of the Chinese Embassy? Where are the UN monitoring teams? And, above all, why wasn't there some attempt to isolate and clean up the spill?

Well, it did make The New York Times, though it was banished to the "International" section. As to the lack of outcry from the Usual Suspects, maybe it's just this:

[I] guess ecological disasters don't count if those suffering are not politically correct minorities ... or if you can't blame the disaster on Bush....

And since when do the Chinese ever admit to screwing up anything?

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