The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

28 November 2005

The peacemaker of Palos Verdes

So why should Patterico (yes, really, Patterico) be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize?

Certainly he has advantages over previous winners and nominees:

  • Unlike Kofi Annan (winner 2001), he has never had a child involved in money-laundering.

  • Unlike Mohamed ElBaradei (winner 2005), he can actually recognize a nuclear facility from a very long way away.

  • Unlike Stanley "Tookie" Williams (nominee 2001), he has never actually killed anyone.

  • Unlike Henry Kissinger (winner 1973), he has never dated Jill St. John.

I do not occupy a position high enough in the hierarchy to be able to nominate this most excellent individual for the prize myself; if you serve in such a position, I urge you to consider Patterico for the next Nobel Peace Prize.

Posted at 10:14 PM to Dyssynergy

I didn't know that Kissinger dated Jill St. John. Frightening!

Posted by: Ceres at 11:22 PM on 28 November 2005

Its notable that so many folks want to censure or remove King & King (the gay prince's story) from public venues but see redemption in poor ole Tookie and his line of thug lite readers. Some folks seem to think it's better to be a repentant murderer than gay I guess.

The world is on crack.

Posted by: Ron at 7:42 AM on 29 November 2005