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2 December 2005

You need not wonder why

No time left for more-extensive blogging, says Dan Paden:

I marvel at bloggers who can do all this and still keep up with a seemingly endless list of blogs. They are either way smarter than I am (always a possibility!), or way more caffeinated than I am (not likely!), or they are neglecting something they shouldn't. Sleep, perhaps.

D. I have vastly greater experience with high-speed reading than I do with, say, RSS feed aggregators.

However, I don't claim to be keeping up; I'm content to keep from falling behind any further. (I would like to be able to work on the 26-hour Bajoran day, which is actually more compatible with my circadian rhythms than the 24-hour version prevailing here on Sol III, though 28 might be pushing it.)

What brought this on, anyway?

What got me started on this post was an attitude I've perceived — possibly mistakenly — on the part of some bloggers lately, much to the effect that if they encountered error, a particular sort of error, in the blogosphere, they were obligated in some fashion to try to correct it, or at least to respond to it.

I assure Mr Paden that he is not mistaken. (Which is, of course, why I am posting this: to try to correct it, or at least to respond to it.)

Actually, there is a smattering of folks out there just waiting with a Gotcha! the moment you do one of the following:

  • Post something that is not entirely consistent with something you previously posted a long time ago.

  • Utter something at odds with Received Wisdom, as received at their end.

  • Push one of their particular buttons.

Sharp-eyed observers of human behavior, even some of the more myopic ones, will immediately notice that this pattern existed long before blogging, and will no doubt persist long beyond the time when they finally drain the fluid from the jar containing Glenn Reynolds' preserved brain.

But the basic question remains:

So how do you determine what things to blog about? Well, I can't speak for others, but I either blog about what's on my mind right now, or I blog on things that I think will be useful or interesting to the very small circle of readers I have. And even though it sometimes chaps my hide and frosts my soul to do so, I just don't fool with anything else. I ain't got the time.

Remind me to pick up a can of that soul frosting at the supermarket.

Actually, I think this is true of all of us. Nobody writes about everything; we have to pare it down somewhere. If there's a role model here, it's Joe Miller, who boiled his reportorial mission down to four words: "I cover the waterfront."

Posted at 7:50 AM to Blogorrhea

Excellent points, all. Thanks for your calm wisdom, as always.

Posted by: anne at 8:17 AM on 2 December 2005

Great post. I don't seem to have a shortage of things to write about... what does that say about me? (That my mind runs at 100mph, which accounts for my constant trouble sleeping)... but that's all for another blog post.

Posted by: Scribe at 10:30 AM on 2 December 2005

no time left for you....

Posted by: paulsmos at 2:13 PM on 2 December 2005

Soul Frosting would be a great band name.

So would Frosted Soul, for that matter.

Posted by: Matt Navarre at 7:47 PM on 2 December 2005

Well, if you're going to throw sci-fi references around add ContraryBrin to your catalogue (not that keeping up is therefore more likely).

Posted by: opit at 5:06 PM on 3 December 2005