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3 December 2005

More reliable than wrinkles

David Gillies explains:

You know you're getting old when it's 9.30 and instead of chatting to the amazingly cute girl next to you you're thinking, "if I finish up this beer I can be in bed by ten."

And worse, the idea of being in bed with the aforementioned amazingly cute girl doesn't even occur to you.

Posted at 10:39 AM to Dyssynergy

I think that would be a fairly reliable clue.

Posted by: Diane at 2:52 PM on 3 December 2005

Or it could be more in line with what one guy with some miles on him observed to the (male) lunch room crowd : "Some nights I'm so tired of sexual relations I want to respond in kind - Not tonight, dear. I just took an aspirin." Sounds like the recipe to counter marriage breakup wasn't in play.You know. Grounds of mutual incompatibity. The girls need to be more patable and the men need more income.

Posted by: opit at 4:54 PM on 3 December 2005

Another reliable indication is when a cute girl asks what, in retrospect, is an obvious pickup question, and your response is to answer it and go home.

Posted by: w at 5:37 PM on 3 December 2005

On that basis, I got old about age 19.

Posted by: CGHill at 5:40 PM on 3 December 2005

Personally speaking, I think a night of hot fun is being in bed by ten with a good book and a purring cat. I don't know when the hell I reached that point, but it's here and now.

Posted by: LilRed at 9:27 PM on 3 December 2005