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4 December 2005

SMS to me

My cell phone qualifies as ancient on the contemporary scale, and that's fine with me; it's all I need. It even does text messages, which is probably more than I need:

Personally, I think the Blackberry is the second-silliest handheld communication idea ever, behind only cell-phone text messaging. ("If only there was some way I could use this cell phone to get a message to my friend, who also has a cell phone." The very first text message I ever saw someone send? "Call Me." I am not kidding.)

And besides:

Remember, folks: Email is only one third of the Computing Triad. Until a gizmo can also handle games and porn, it won't catch on.

The next step, I suppose, is to be able to place calls via the iPod Video. (I don't have one of those either.)

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My wife and I frequently play solitaire on our respective phones.

So far the only thing pornographic that we've seen in relation to these phones is the fact our local cell tower is on the blink and we can't make or receive voice calls at home. Text messages, though, work just fine.

Which does something that I wouldn't charge a quarter for, but the cops at the Hartford, CT schools...?

Posted by: McGehee at 2:40 PM on 4 December 2005

"Which does something that I wouldn't charge a quarter for SAYING, but the cops at the Hartford, CT schools...?"

(drops two quarters in the cuss jar)

Posted by: McGehee at 2:41 PM on 4 December 2005