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5 December 2005

Perhaps more than the turf is artificial

In NFL Week 12, the Indianapolis Colts defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers 26-7, and Steelers sources are claiming that the Colts amplified the crowd noise in the RCA Dome and fed it back through the Dome's PA system during Steeler possessions, making it difficult for Pittsburgh players to hear the count and contributing to a number of false-start penalties.

Ed Bouchette, who writes the "Steelers Insider" column for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, elaborates:

The Colts were pumping in noise, I can tell you that. They had extra microphones spread around the stadium and they took that noise from the fans, put it back in through the PA and that's why it was so loud.

The NFL says it has not received an official complaint; such actions would be a violation of NFL rules.

I wonder what they'd think of Loud City, in the upper reaches of the Ford Center.

(Via Ravenwood's Universe.)

Posted at 9:07 AM to Dyssynergy

Hmmmmm. Maybe the Texans should try something like that. HA HA

Posted by: Diane at 10:01 AM on 5 December 2005

I have always felt that excesive crowd noise should trigger an official time out and a five yard penalty.

Posted by: Walter E. Wallis at 10:16 AM on 5 December 2005

Would Houston really have a better chance of winning if loud mooing came over the PA system?

Posted by: Matt at 12:05 PM on 5 December 2005

If you take crowd noise, pick it up with mics, put it back through the PA ... to also be picked up by the same mics - are you not courting feedback??

No audio board config is perfect. They'd have to have feedback at some point.

Posted by: Mel at 2:49 PM on 5 December 2005