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6 December 2005

A tip of the green eyeshade

A shout-out this morning to Geitner Simmons, who, I have only recently learned, is now the Editorial Page Editor of the Omaha World-Herald, and who, as I have known for some time, is a regular reader of this very page.

Mr Simmons has a personal blog, devoted to history, regionalism and culture, called Regions of Mind. If you haven't already, give him a look; he's got an interesting piece this week on how urban sprawl is not a purely-American phenomenon.

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In the interest of secondhand friendship, I may have to stop nicknaming that newspaper the Omaha Weird-Harold.

Posted by: McGehee at 9:06 AM on 6 December 2005

Interestingly, Hearst's now-defunct Los Angeles Herald-Examiner was known familiarly, at least when I was in L.A., as the Old Weird Herald.

GMTA and all that, I suppose.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:09 AM on 6 December 2005

Many thanks from up here in Omaha. By the way, Dustbury is nominated for a Weblog Award; you can vote (once every 24 hours, I believe) here:

Posted by: Geitner Simmons at 6:31 PM on 6 December 2005