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7 December 2005

Could I borrow some bandwidth?

You know, this could work:

Speakeasy has a program where you can share your connection with your neighbors. They handle the billing, you handle the admin headaches. You get your bill reduced. So you can go get that $120 1.5 megabit connection, split it 4 ways and be spending 30 bucks a month for high speed goodness. Admittedly during peak time you might be splitting bandwidth, but that's no big deal, and that is the same as a cable modem in any case.

And besides, you've already learned how much admin sucketh by installing your own wireless network; how much worse can it get just adding on a few more users?

Posted at 3:33 PM to Entirely Too Cool

So you can go get that $120 1.5 megabit connection...

Please tell me that's Canadian dollars.

Posted by: McGehee at 11:54 AM on 8 December 2005