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12 December 2005

The referral which wasn't there

I'm picking up occasional traffic from Talking Points Memo's TPMCafe, from Daily Kos, and from The Washington Monthly, not because they have any particular interest in anything said here, but because Beyond Belief Media, distributor of The God Who Wasn't There, has taken out ads for the film on all three sites, and the text of the ad consists largely of linked quotations from reviews — including the title of mine, which leads it off.

Assuming Beyond Belief continues to use this ad for a while, I should be able to track where they're placing it. I am, of course, not particularly surprised to see that they're going for liberal sites first.

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As of Tuesday morning, the ad has spread further: to Eschaton, The Raw Story, and (shudder) Democratic Underground.

Posted by: CGHill at 12:23 PM on 13 December 2005