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12 December 2005

No doormat, she

Christine Craft was a news anchor at KMBC-TV in Kansas City in 1981, when the station decided to fill her spot with someone else, reasoning that she was, in their words, "too unattractive, too old and not deferential [enough] to men." She was thirty-six years old, and I don't remember her being unattractive; I mentioned her briefly in Vent #38, back in early 1997.

Today I got a note from Ms Craft, who is inevitably older, utterly unconcerned with her appearance, and still not deferential to men. One of the men she doesn't defer to is Arnold Schwarzenegger; Craft, from her perch at the Sacramento affiliate of Air America, is happy to tweak the Governator when she can. Since she left KC, she got her law degree, decided she preferred radio to television — among other things, less makeup — and, she says, she discovered Rush Limbaugh. Since strains of "Where are they now?" run through my head on a regular basis, I was happy to hear from her; if you're curious, this story from this past summer fills you in on what she's all about these days.

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and, she says, she discovered Rush Limbaugh.

I remember her Sacramento sojourn. She was always making absurd claims like that.

Posted by: McGehee at 8:57 AM on 13 December 2005