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4 January 2006

Also, those sharp spikes have got to go

There was a time when I imagined haranguing Slaughterville, Oklahoma for its name was about as dumb a stunt as PETA could pull.

Evidently my imagination is sadly limited:

Dawn Carr, PETA's director of special projects, says the group asked the National Park Service in mid-November for permission to hang a 70-foot-long pleather belt, worn low in the style of the Olsen twins, around the waist of the Statue of Liberty. But by December, the Feds had nixed the request, responding in a letter that "while adding a 'pleather belt' might seem like a great idea to some," the statue's fans "expect to see this icon as it was originally created. Our policies do not permit an alteration of this kind, even on a temporary basis. [We] realize that this cause is very important to you and your organization and believe with your creative talents and imagination you will find other avenues to pursue."

"We knew it was a long shot, but we're dreamers," says Carr. "You never know how the spirit might take people during the holiday season."

Shucks, why not temporarily replace the torch with a Bud Light? At least Anheuser-Busch would pay for it.

(Via Lawren, who says: "I can see ole Lady Liberty in a Chanel suit, clutching a Fendi bag, or wearing a gorgeous strand of Mikimoto pearls, but pleather? Those folks at PETA must wear and smoke a lot of grass.")

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I'm searching all over for a contact button and can't find one. Sorry, I'm not commenting on the Bevo story.

Someone just sent me a link to your site, and you quoted me! (March, 2005, on the building of Habitat houses in Heritage Hills.) Wow, little old me! Thanks, I think -

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Posted by: Jennifer Gaines at 9:34 PM on 4 January 2006

If you came in late, this is the item in question.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:40 PM on 4 January 2006

Hmmmmmmmmmm Maybe Dentu-Creme could put a banner on the Washington Monument. Any number of used car lots could advertise on the Lincoln Memorial- what an untapped gold mine. :)

Posted by: Diane at 5:46 AM on 5 January 2006