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6 January 2006

Blazing performance

Well, sort of. The third quarter was an utter disaster: just barely into it, Chris Paul tore a ligament in his right thumb, and he'll be out for at least two weeks; the Hornets managed a pathetic 11 points in 12 minutes. Juan Dixon, who got a season-high 28 against the Bees at Portland, did almost as much damage in Oklahoma City, scoring 27.

And yet the Hornets, having gone from 19 points up to six down, survived, slapping down the Trailblazers 90-80, winning their third in a row for the first time in almost two years. You have to figure Kirk Snyder will be starting for a long, long time; he picked up 22 points, cleared six boards and blocked four shots. David West pulled off the double-double, with 19 points and 13 rebounds.

A quick trip to Atlanta to meet the Hawks, and then the Pistons come to town Tuesday. What happens on Friday is still unclear; Sacramento will be here, but the exact location of "here" is yet undetermined.

Update, 9 January: "Here" has now been determined: it's the Lloyd Noble Center in Norman, which officially seats 11,528 for basketball — though legend has it that for OSU and Texas games, they've shoehorned in as many as 13,000.

Posted at 9:29 PM to Net Proceeds

Talk about a team with an identity problem... the NewOrl/KC Hornets!

Become an Illini fan! You'd get to root for Dee Brown!

Maybe the Hornets will get lucky and draft Dee, although I'm not sure that the lights are bright enough for him in NewOrl/KC.

I'm surprised that money is an issue for you. I had assumed that millions were pouring into the coffers of Dustbury Enterprises. You haven't taken advantage of the Nike endorsement?

Posted by: Shouting Thomas at 7:35 AM on 7 January 2006

The tendency in major-league sports these days is to provide the gigabytes of stats demanded by fantasy-league players and such under a three-letter heading. For the Hornets, it's a neatly-compressed "NOK"; this makes for some amusement when the Trailblazers are in town and posts the box score on a page whose URL includes the memorable string "PORNOK".

As for the lights, they keep blowing transformers downtown, which isn't a good sign.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:20 AM on 7 January 2006

I prefer NOKLA Hornets (which I believe was first seen here in Dustbury. :)

Posted by: Dwayne "the canoe guy" at 10:17 AM on 7 January 2006