The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

29 January 2006

A thousand miles apart

Yet so much in common: White Settlement, Texas and Coon Rapids, Minnesota.

It's times like these I yearn for an uncomplicated place like, oh, Normal, Illinois.

Posted at 7:27 PM to Dyssynergy

Vaspers the Grate lived in Normal, Illinois many years ago.

So I was "Steven Streight from Normal, Illinois". I bet the mayor hasn't heard that one yet. I want my freeking $100 bill now. Right now.

Posted by: steven streight who is normally Vaspers the Grate at 10:28 PM on 29 January 2006

Just count your lucky stars you don't live in Blue Ball, Arkansas.

Posted by: rita at 8:33 AM on 30 January 2006

What about Cut-N-Shoot, TX instead?

Posted by: aldahlia at 2:43 PM on 30 January 2006

No, I prefer Intercourse Pennsylvania myself...near Lancaster...the road to Paradise travels thru that small town...

Posted by: boinkie at 9:42 PM on 30 January 2006

From what I know of Coon Rapids, the name is still pretty fitting.

Posted by: Erica at 6:32 PM on 31 January 2006