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8 February 2006

The Gas Game (February)

Regular readers, assuming they haven't fled for places less surly, will remember that last fall I balked at paying Oklahoma Natural Gas $8.393 per dekatherm for a year, on the seemingly-reasonable basis that the price couldn't possibly stay up that high for twelve whole months.

That sound you hear is my wallet flattening. On the upside, usage was way down, what with last month being the second warmest January since 1891, and prices have actually started to slide, though they're still higher than ONG's VFP Plan. Here's my situation, how it really stands:

  • November: 2.4 used at $11.044; total price $26.51; VFP price $20.14; loss of $6.37.

  • December: 4.4 used at $11.550; total price $50.82; VFP price $36.93; loss of $13.89.

  • January: 9.7 used at $12.012; total price $116.52; VFP price $81.41; loss of $35.11.

  • February: 6.4 used at $9.589; total price $61.37; VFP price $53.72; loss of $7.65.

  • Cumulative: 22.9 used at $11.145; total price $255.22; VFP price $192.20; loss of $63.02.

O Spring, where art thou?

Posted at 6:03 PM to Family Joules

Weep (or rejoyce...depends) with me:


12/01-1/03 19.5 $16.23 $316.48

Posted by: Tatyana at 6:40 PM on 8 February 2006

I believe the word I'm looking for is "Arrrghh..."

Under Oklahoma tariffs, the gas company isn't allowed to turn a profit on the actual price of gas, so they have lots of other ways to increase the take; that $61.37 I'm paying this month ends up being more like $99.

Not that this will make anyone with a $316 bill feel any better.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:44 PM on 8 February 2006

Actually, I've terminated the account due to sale of the house; that was a part of the the final bill, from 12/01 to 1/18, which came to $490.84 (and this is only the price of gas itself. I've also paid to KeySpan for delivery of gas; about $90)

Boy, am I glad I'm not a homeowner anymore!

Posted by: Tatyana at 9:04 AM on 9 February 2006

My bill from Delmarva contained a delivery charge of $80 for gas. And here I thought the pipeline

I had an $80 delivery charge from Delmarva.

Posted by: miriam at 12:16 PM on 9 February 2006