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11 February 2006

Is there a National Knifal Association?

The United Kingdom, beginning 24 May, will "allow" its subjects to turn in their knives under an "amnesty" program which is likely to yield, among other things, a substantial quantity of "scare quotes."

No, actually, they're serious:

Launching the amnesty for England and Wales, Home Secretary Charles Clarke said: "Every weapon handed in will be a weapon that cannot be used in crime.

"Anyone with a knife or other weapon that might be used to cause fear and distress on our streets should take this chance to get rid of it."

In other news, Tamara K. reports:

[A] motion has been launched to retroactively change Richard I's sobriquet to Richard Coeur De Poulet.

[Insert fowl pun here]

Posted at 1:26 PM to Dyssynergy

Rev. Spooner just called. He swears the Knifal Association is rational.

Posted by: McGehee at 12:48 PM on 12 February 2006

Why, that shining wit. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 1:15 PM on 12 February 2006