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19 February 2006

Ackwards, basswise

Some of my favorite people have been brandishing an online Johari window, a tool for self-examination based upon the observations of others.

Which, I have to admit, is a nifty sort of gizmo. Unfortunately, those of us with a darker sense of self never quite seem to buy all those high-sounding descriptions; for us, there is the Nohari window, where you're allowed to berate someone properly. Feel free to contribute to mine.

(Note: There is an existing Johari window with the same name, but it is not mine.)

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Good grief, Charles -- surely you don't expect US to point out any of your foibles, do you?

Posted by: david at 1:40 PM on 19 February 2006

Sorry, I can't see that window because I've got this HUGE plank in my eye. Maybe if you help me get it out...

Posted by: Dan at 2:18 PM on 19 February 2006

Back in the day, I watched you sup on frozen corn right out of the freezer....I believes this constitues a "foible".

Posted by: paulsmos at 5:48 PM on 19 February 2006