The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

3 March 2006

We gotta get out of this place

Margi's had enough:

[T]he facts are this: We're busy busy busy around here. I have negative numbers in my bank account. Depressed people don't blog — or at least they don't post anything anyone would want to read. Therefore, paying for running a blog is probably not smart — no matter how much or how little it costs. And there are still blog "trolls" coming around here, looking at the pictures of my sweet, innocent baby. That squicks me out more than I care to admit.

Blogs will never be practical until they can be made squick-resistant.

Go, girl, and be happy. What happens out here on the Old Blog Prairie doesn't matter a hill of beans just now.

Posted at 12:58 PM to Blogorrhea

I have no words. . .

Other than thank you, my friend.


Posted by: margi at 1:04 PM on 3 March 2006

She's one of the good guys, our Margi. I'll miss her. But you couldn't be more right about what matters.

Posted by: Jennifer at 4:56 PM on 3 March 2006