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26 March 2006

Byron Scott wants to stay on

The New Orleans Times-Picayune is reporting that Hornets coach Byron Scott, whose contract expires at the end of next season, has been talking to owner George Shinn about extending his stay with the Bees.

Says Shinn:

Byron loves the Hornets, and he wants to stay, and he said that he needs a couple of more years to build this team. I like the way he coaches and his attitude. I just think he's a quality guy. He makes a few mistakes, and I think I need to coach him on P.R. a little bit.

There are a handful of instances in which Scott might have made Shinn squirm a bit: earlier in the season when Scott said that were it possible, he'd like the team to remain in Oklahoma City indefinitely, even NBA Commissioner David Stern grumbled that Scott was going against the Official Line.

What Scott wants is a five- or six-year deal; no one is apparently talking salaries, though Scott makes about $3 million a year now.

Meanwhile, The Oklahoman says that Shinn is ready to sell up to 49 percent of the team to an Oklahoma City group which includes Clay Bennett's Oklahoma Professional Sports LLC.

Formal paperwork has yet to be drawn up, and the NBA must approve the deal, but no problems are anticipated. I hasten to point out that this doesn't necessarily have any effect on the league's announced plan to return the team to New Orleans for 2007-08.

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