The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

26 March 2006

L.A.'s fine, but it ain't home

Not that the Hornets have been winning all that many home games of late, but the last time they came to the Staples Center was a thorough embarrassment, and while they avoided a repeat of that debacle, they also avoided the bucket too many times in the fourth quarter, allowing the Lakers, who had had a slender two-point lead at the half, to pull away and win it 105-94.

What's more, P. J. Brown fouled out with five minutes left; Speedy Claxton got his sixth foul with five seconds left. David West, steady as always, put together another double-double with 23 points and 10 boards; Chris Paul dropped in 17, P. J. got 13 before leaving the game, and Rasual Butler managed 12.

Comparisons to Friday night in Chicago are instructive. Against the Bulls, the Bees scored 46 in the first half and only 36 in the second; against the Lakers, the Bees got 60 in the first half and only 34 in the second. Kobe? He got thirty, below his average, but it didn't matter.

Tomorrow night in Utah, and the Jazz aren't likely to be any kinder.

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