The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

27 March 2006

Smooth Jazz

David West pulled up lame and did not play, and the Hornets were in trouble, though as usual, it didn't actually materialize until the Third-Quarter Drought™ kicked in. It may not have mattered, though: Utah shot better than 55 percent through most of the game and had it locked down well before the fourth quarter began. And the Hornets lost to the Jazz, 104-80, a difference far greater than D. West's 17-point average. (Picture of a disaster in the making: first quarter 31, second quarter 21, third quarter 16, fourth quarter 12.) Utah vaults over the Hornets in the standings with the win, taking 9th place in the conference and dropping the Bees to 10th.

Despite all that, six Bees scored in double figures, led by Rasual Butler with 15; the Hornets bench contributed 32 points, but this is less an indication of bench strength than of starter fecklessness. (The lowest-scoring Jazz starter, Andrei Kirilenko, picked up 13.) And the Jazz outrebounded the Hornets by an embarrassing 45-23.

Macas Watch: Arvydas Macijauskas came on in the last five minutes and missed two jump shots.

This road trip ends with Wednesday at Golden State, followed by Friday at the Ford against the Grizzlies (on ESPN!), then back on the road to meet the Raptors and the Pistons.

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