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29 March 2006

The Phanatic just smiles, sort of

Deadspin reports on a dubious milestone:

[T]he Phillies are about to become the first professional franchise to reach 10,000 losses. They currently have 9,879 losses in their franchise history (8,676 wins).

It won't happen this year, unless the Phils go 41-121, a level of phutility that would rival the '62 Mets.

And this, of course, assumes that you don't consider the Phils the successor to the old Worcester Ruby Legs/Brown Stockings (now that's a fashion faux pas if ever I saw one), who were booted from the National League after the 1882 season to make room for the Phillies, and who posted a 90-159 record in their three-year existence. (I don't.)

I admit to a certain sentimental fondness for the Phillies, perhaps because when I saw my first Oklahoma City 89ers game in 1976, the Niners had just become the Phillies' Triple-A farm club. (The affiliation was switched to the Rangers in 1983; the team was reconstituted as the RedHawks in 1998 as they moved downtown to the Brick.)

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Sure they suck, but consider Phils fans'(literally) undying loyalty-according to the piece Jerry Garcia is still a Philies loyalist.

Posted by: John Salmon at 8:42 PM on 29 March 2006