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30 March 2006

Who knew? A W in Oakland

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Byron Scott, vexed at still being 1-and-whatever this month, and beset with ever-increasing injuries, retrieved Brandon Bass from the D-League, and reshuffled the starting lineup: Marc Jackson took David West's spot at the four, and Linton Johnson started at the three, bumping Rasual Butler to the two and Kirk Snyder to the bench. (Four Hornets were listed as injured tonight: Vroman and Mason, as usual of late; West, missing his second consecutive game; and Claxton, with a return of the dreaded turf-toe. What's more, P. J. Brown rolled his ankle late in the fourth and had to retreat to the locker room.)

The Hornets didn't shoot particularly well, but neither did Golden State, and things were nip-and-tuck through almost the entire game. On the last possession, trailing by one, the Warriors brought it in and got one, two, three shots at the bucket, and the last one went in — too late. Hornets 86, Warriors 85, and now the Bees are 2-and-whatever for the month.

Pointwise, Rasual got his trey back in the fourth quarter, hitting four of seven overall and 20 points total; Chris Paul added 18, Marc Jackson 16, and P. J. got 12 before going down on that ankle. Brandon Bass scored just a single free throw, but he pulled down six boards. And no Third-Quarter Drought™, either: the quarters went 22, 22, 22, 20.

The Grizzlies will be waiting at the Ford on Friday.

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