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31 March 2006

There are no words for this

Or weren't, at least until very recently:

When George Mason University Band Director Anthony Maiello composed the school's Fight Song a few years ago, he never got down to writing lyrics.

But after the basketball team advanced to the Final Four of the men's championship tournament, the NCAA called asking for the words. That sent several administrators scrambling this week to come up with real words to accompany the music.

As real as this, anyway:

Hail to George Mason, Patriot green and gold
We are George Mason, home of the brave and bold
Hail to George Mason, proud for all to see
Catch our spirit, feel our pride, onward to victory

"Boomer Sooner" it ain't.

(Via Deadspin.)

Posted at 2:28 PM to Net Proceeds

How do you have a fight song with no words? What do people do while the fight song plays? Weird. And what's the point of adding words now if no one's going to sing them? Of course my alma mater has the Best. Fight Song. Ever (which would be "Hail to the Victors").

Posted by: Erica at 4:41 PM on 31 March 2006