The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

4 April 2006

Sliced and McDyessed

Any illusions the Hornets might have had about sneaking this one away from the Pistons were utterly shattered by Antonio McDyess, who came off the bench in the absence of Rasheed Wallace to score 26 points (and 14 rebounds). The Bees were game, maybe a little beyond that, but Detroit had lost only three games at the Palace this year, and they were in no mood for a fourth: Pistons 101, Hornets 93.

The Hornet mainstays stayed with it all game: both Chris Paul and David West picked up 24 points, and the team shot a respectable 48 percent. But when the Pistons are hitting on all cylinders, they don't lose, and this was their 60th win of the season.

A long flight back to OKC, and Golden State will be waiting at the Ford Center for a Wednesday-night contest.

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